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Out of our 20ha of vines planted with traditional Portuguese grape varieties, 17.5ha are in integrated production and 2.5ha in organic production regimes.

The entire harvest is manual and nocturnal, thus providing greater care for the grapes and a more careful selection. The grape goes directly to the cellar, where the filling of the press and reservoir is done by gravity to preserve the quality of the grapes and must.

Here, winemakers make their art at the natural speed of the vineyard, respecting the time required in each process - spontaneous fermentations, low sulphur dioxide and minimal human intervention combined with today's knowledge and know-how.

Our packaging is thought to detail. Most of our bottles are made of 100% recycled glass, the paper used on labels and shipping boxes are also recycled and/or with a higher percentage of cotton. Instead of the traditional capsules, we use wax to seal the bottles in order to guarantee greater durability, with less environmental impact.
We selected DIAM stoppers, which preserve the correct evolution of the wine in the bottle over time, respecting the aromatic profile and quality of the wine.
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